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    china Concrete Mixer Shaft Bearing and Housing factory Our History
    Maanshan Huawei Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Are a professional manufacturer and exporter of concrete mixer spare parts and cast iron products, located in Manshan, Anhui Province, China. Our products have been manufactured over 15 years, and we have been established business relationships with many famous companies all over the world. Our products are very popular in overseas markets on account of our superior quality and competitive prices. We have a strong engineer team to make our products comply with customers’ requirements, a good operation team to ensure quick and efficient customer service and an experienced QC team to keep our products measuring up to high quality. We welcome you to visit Huawei Machinery. Here you can find the best products and the best prices.
    At present, the company undertakes a number of large-scale projects of mixing plant and its surrounding projects. The company is a professional production of wear-resistant casting products of the new enterprise, focusing on the distribution of sigoma machine peripheral accessories products to customers. Every year, the company carries out product improvement and adjustment to serve more high-quality customers. The company wants to be the best casting product in China’s foundry industry.
    Our Factory
    Our Product
    At present, our company is engaged in concrete mixer spare parts and concrete mixing plant spare parts. Mixer parts brands include SICOMA,BHS, ZOOMLION and so on. Covering almost all concrete mixing series accessories.
    Product Application
    Our spare parts cover several major international brands of mixer parts, mixing plant spare parts, almost all of the mixing plant wear parts we can provide.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Our factory has mature smelting equipment. After smelting, we will produce wear-resistant parts through disa production line and lost mold production line, then heat treat them with heat treatment pusher furnace, and finally grind and shot blasting. Finally, the paint is applied for anticorrosion and put into the warehouse.
    Production Market
    In addition to the success of the sales team in the domestic market to occupy most of the customer share, and in the overseas market, we also have good results. European customers specialize in customized wear-resistant parts, most of the customers are distributed in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia and other regions and countries. Each market has formulated targeted policies to better match customer needs.
    Our Service
    1. Provide customers with professional and high-quality product solutions, and timely quote products according to customers’ needs for customers’ reference.
    2. After signing the contract, they will continue to take the lead in tracking the contract until the product is delivered. The sales staff will actively contact the customers who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, and the company will actively cooperate to ensure the smooth inspection.
    3. Answer questions to customers 24 hours a day to help customers better solve product problems. Give customers more assured service.china Concrete Mixer Shaft Bearing and Housing factory


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