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    Company Profile
    Professional in precision roll forming machine combine with punching and packaging production systems.
    Since 1998 SIHUA engineer has manufacturing first metal processing machines in Taiwan factory according to the Customers鈥?request.
    For over twenty years experiences, SIHUA machines are well-known for being easy operating and durable quality.
    SIHUA have manufacturing of excellent products starting from metal coils, including punching, cutting, roll forming and packaging.
    Our proven and reliable technologies, inserted into highest quality systems, guarantee the value of your investment.
    SIHUA trading based in SHANGHAI CHINA service all world professional metal working company.
    SIHUA factory in Kunshan city Welcome all world customers visit SIHUA factory.
    Look forward to our win-win cooperation.
    Since 1998 SIHUA engineer focused on automatic machine research and development.
    SIHUA roll forming machine original Europe technology, manufacture in shanghai.
    Since 2008 SIHUA have been manufacturing one complete ceiling t bar roll forming machine.
    Since 2012 SIHUA expended to drywall stud and track roll former and automatic packing system.
    Since 2016 SIHUA start to 2mm-4mm thickness metal forming machine such as lintel roll forming machine, mounting bracket roll former.
    Since 2018 sihua export to five continents professional metal manufacturing factory.
    China C Z Purlin Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine factory


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