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    steel frame workshop
    How many steel structures a country or a region has marks the degree to which the economy develop and how economic power is it. National economy has increased significantly and overall national strength has enhanced, thus China has become the No.1 country in the world in terms of steel production. In order to get rid of the constraint on limit use of steel, China has put forward the notion “use steel product in a positive and reasonable way”. In the economically developed areas, the number of steel structure has increased exponentially.
    After successful holding of 2008 Olympic Game, the steel structure has been popularized and developed rapidly in China. The steel structure is widely used in many areas such as buildings , railways, bridges and residential areas. There are hundred of thousand of steel companies of different sizes, with completed world –advanced steel processing facilities such as multipoint drill machine, steel tube multipoint intersecting line cutting machine and corrugated automatic welding tool machines. In recent year, steel output reaches 600 million tons annually which meets the requirements needed for constructions.
    Upstream industry of steel structure is steel industry and fluctuation in price of steel products directly affects the procurement cost in this industry. On the whole, the upstream industry, basically, is competitive industry which produce various type of steels used for steel structure such as steel plate, steel tubes, profiled steel and other steels. H shape steel is common product in the steel structure.
    The downstream industry plays a leading and driving role in the development of steel structure industry. Change in the requirement directly decides the development of steel structure in the future. With the high strength, light weight, sound anti-seismic, high degree industrialization, short-term construction, good flexibility and energy conservation and environmental protection, steel structure is widely used in industrial buildings, government-funded infrastructure construction, culture and education and physical education, bridges, Offshore Oil Engineering and aerospace areas. In addition, once breakthrough has been made in the market targeted toward steel structure, it will definitely replace the traditional architecture and go into residential building which will lead exponential growth in this area.Steel Framed Horse Stables suppliers


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