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    Our History
    With more than twenty five years of domestic sell experience, YOUDA has served countless manufacturers, power suppliers and local factories.
    Our Factory
    We are professional in choosing the right type of insulation material for our customers.
    Our Product
    Our products include all types of phenolic laminated product, epoxy laminated panels, nylon product, insulation paper, PET and PI film, paper and film composites, laminated wood and mica products for all voltage and temperature conditions.
    Product Application
    We provide varies insulation solutions ranging from slot insulation for power generators to fiberglass insulation sleeve for low voltage electricity wire and all types of copper clad laminate boards for integrated electronic circuitry.
    Our Certificate
    ISO 9001:2008
    Production Equipment
    With four triaxial high precision CNC machines, three milling machines and a lathe, our dedicated staffs are capable of machining any material to whatever shapes and sizes our customers demand with quality and efficiency. Our quality control department possesses state of the art quality inspection tools with qualified staff to check every single lot that is coming out of the production line.
    Production Market
    Our storage depot is over two thousand square feet with advanced inventory control system to make sure we meet the customer’s monthly demands.
    Our service
    After all we provide consistent quality of products alongside with responsive customer supports. China 3 inch epoxy tube suppliers


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