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    At Nanjing Mineddy Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
    We are pragmatic visionaries focus on helping medical equipment distributors overcome complex challenges with simple solutions. We approach each day with a simple commitment─supply high quality medical equipment at warehouse prices. In the past decade, we have continually provided stable supply and perfect after-sale service that give our customers competitive advantages in their target market.
    Who We Are: A Reliable partner
    We are a leading global exporter and supply chain service provider of medical equipment with a wide range of category. With over 10 years exporting experience in more than 80 countries, we focus on establishing a long-term relationship with customers and imagining how our service can help customers achieve their goals.
    What We Do: A boost of your profit margin
    According to products with high quality and reasonable price, we have enjoyed steady growth with our long-term business partners. Our continued self-improvement makes our customers earning more profit, gaining market share and maintaining steady growth.
    Product Categories
    l Baby Incubator
    l Infant Radiant Warmer
    l Infant Phototherapy Unit
    l Operation lamp
    l Operation table
    l Anesthesia Machine
    l ICU Ventilator
    l Defibrillator Monitor
    l Electrosurgical Generator
    l Infusion pump,Injection pump & Nutrition pump
    l Digital Electrocardiograph
    l X-ray Equipment
    l Mammography system

    Our mission
    Nanjing Mineddy Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is working closely with manufacturers that strictly supervise the quality of goods before transportation. Our service goals are reducing transaction costs, business risks, improving the operational efficiency of customers’ enterprises. Moreover, we provide the best healthcare to employees and free them from worries. Finally, we will maintain steady growth with business partners, thus, the stakeholder will have a peace of mind about cash flow.
    The Vision of Nanjing Mineddy Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is growing with our long-term business partners, being the primary choice for medical equipment, and respiratory care in the communities we serve.
    Core Value
    “Be always trustworthy and true.” In being trustworthy, we value relationships and treat customers with faithful and dependable. In being true, we are willing to face the unvarnished truths in our business, positive or negative, with assertive enthusiasm and vigor, recognizing that doing so speeds decision making and supports our goals.
    The client from Lebanon met us at exhibition in Dubai.
    The boss attent 2013 Arab Health in Dubai.used portable x-ray machine manufacturers


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