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    ChinaWaterBasedInkfactoryManufacturs Description This Water Based Ink for Gravure Printing has a variety of special performance, has two advantages for the printing industry. On the one hand, it is conducive to environmental protection, safety and health, because it reduces the emission of VOC (organic volatile matter), which can not only avoid air pollution, but also protect the health of relevant practitioners. Therefore, it is especially suitable for packaging and printing products with strict sanitary conditions such as food and medicine. On the other hand, it reduces the residual solvent of the printed matter, can carry out high concentration printing, and has good color reproduction. Features This Water Based Ink for Gravure Printing聽 does not contain volatile organic solvents, which will not harm the health of operators and improve the environmental quality. At the same time, it has good safety, which can not only reduce the residual toxicity on the surface of the printed matter, make the printing equipment easy to clean, but also reduce the risk of fire caused by static electricity and flammable solvents. In addition, the ink has better printing characteristics and a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for gravure printing, but also suitable for flexographic printing, and has great development potential. Our service Facing the fiercely competitive market, we take ‘honesty, truth-seeking, innovation and service-oriented’ as our corporate tenet, and through scientific management, we have become a leader in the Water Based Ink for Gravure Printing industry. We firmly believe that with our high-quality and low-cost products, enthusiastic service attitude and perfect after-sales service, we will continue to research and apply the research results to product design and manufacturing and we will continue to expand the market. Our company holds on to people to root for sincerity to achieve market-oriented business ideas interactive operation. We continue to consolidate the foundation of quality management and deepen management improvement. Matters Needing Attention 1. Before printing, the Water based ink for gravure printing is poured into the ink tank and idled from the printing plate for 2-3 minutes to wet the printing plate and stir; During the printing process, when the printing needs to be stopped in order to observe the printed matter, the printing plate shall not be stopped to avoid the blocking caused by the dry strand of the printing plate. 2. After adjusting the printing viscosity according to the depth of the plate before printing, try not to add tap water in the printing process, just add new ink with the same viscosity. The reason is that the water of ink is only 1.2% in the printing process at the temperature of 32 鈩?for 1 hour, and the viscosity change is small. Therefore, the ink keeps the same color of the print and improves the qualified rate of the print. 3. After printing, clean the printing plate immediately, pour the ink into the barrel, cover it, put the clean water into the ink tank, rotate the printing plate for cleaning or adjust 3% washing powder solution for cleaning.ChinaWaterBasedInkfactoryManufacturs website:http://www.kagem-inks.com/water-based-ink/


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